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My Check Engine Light Brandt.. What is wrong?

My Check Engine Light Brandt.. What is wrong?

CheckEngineLight - Mijn Check Engine Lampje Brandt.. Wat Is Er Mis?
The car drove well, I heard no sounds crazy, He did not weird (a small vibration after, but I have another time about) to Saturday.

I just want my parents driving away that I see this light comes on.

Panic!! though I do not know exactly what the problem is, I know that the check engine light, and that it indicates there may be something wrong with the engine. What exactly it is I do not know, as soon as I saw it I got home and I went on the internet to see what the possible reasons why my check engine light is lit.. This indicator can be caused by several reasons. According to the ANWB it can if there's something about the "electronics that controls the fuel injection and ignition."

Autozone gave a top 5 the possible reasons why you may light check engine light, these are as follows:

  1. Your Oxygen sensor must be replaced.

    This sensor measures the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust. Because it can not replace an oxygen sensor to your car 40% less economical to operate and can even cause damage to spark plugs and catalyst.

  2. Fuel tank cap is loose , damaged or not even.

    This is the cap of your fuel tank, and it helps to maintain pressure in the tank. If this is not securely fastened may lower the pressure causing the check engine light may come. Another result that you definitely want to avoid the loss of fuel through evaporation. This may mean that you often have to drive to the gas station.

  3. Catalyst to be replaced.

    The catalyst allows for the conversion of harmful carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. Your engine will be at a higher temperature if you drive not replace and will less fuel-efficient driving.

  4. Je Luchtmassameter of Mass Airflow Sensor (Mafa) is to be replaced.

    Your air mass meter measures the amount of air flowing into your engine to determine how much fuel is needed to run your engine efficiently. If not replace the MAF can lead to damage to the spark plugs, oxygen sensors or a catalyst.

  5. Spark plugs or spark plug wires must be replaced.

    The spark plugs ignite the air / fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of your car. The spark plug cables provide a spark from the ignition coil to the spark plugs. If they are not replaced will experience reduced power and efficiency.

It does not necessarily have to be something serious, but it must be controlled.

Next day I was driving home when my car just went off while driving, a little scary actually. But I could easily start again and just went easily through. Later, the car itself began to accelerate as I was standing at a traffic light, and not once, but a plurality of times in succession:. People would think I wanted to race them with my little car or something. I'm not a mechanic and knows nothing of self cars, So I wondered what was going on, First my check engine light just lit, Then just turn the car off and now the car accelerates by itself. A bit scary!!

So I did the same week an appointment at the garage, who wanted to give me an appointment for the next week. After just suck I could continue along the same week. On Friday, I have my car so taken away and was checked, later in the day I got a message that it was beyond repair.

It turned out that my throttle position sensor "was broken, this was the cause of all my problems. Which they try to brush, but in vain, I need a new. That takes my car a little fl.225 -. I thought, I go myself searching the Internet, because dealers here are known to all prices. And guess what? On the Internet I found it for less money, around the $30,-. I did it was not necessary, or I do not need it, because my check engine light goes out, Car has been a few days normally ridden and no crazy things seen. So my problem was as it had come again disappeared.

Perhaps you have not as lucky as I have, So the problem is not easily solved. But in case you light is needs to be examined. Beginning shimmering then there may be something seriously wrong and it must be inspected as soon as possible.

Have you seen anything like it? Share your story with us in the comments below, so we can all learn something.


  1. Date: 3 oktober 2019 at 10:16
    Author: jan

    Indeed have been a yellow check light burning fire than t 3 not months and then n 9 months or my car runs perfectly and I love him too well to draw liquids and valves etc / enzv have a Mazda 2 bifuel cool 1300cc runs benz & g3 gas-Bj Nov 2011 Mazda in the garage have this; t is the likely engine valves or the LPG and / or
    next I immediately 2012 an oil overflow to print on mn valves so they do not burn these tiny drips
    each of the valves Verders I think it was a good buy especially Mazda 2 enja at this upcoming future yellow check LED drivers.



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