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Buy A Used Car On Curacao, Where do you do that?

Buy A Used Car On Curacao, Where do you do that?

image - Een Tweedehands Auto Kopen Op Curacao, Waar Doe Je Dat?

In the last blog I put all car dealers in a row where you can go for a new car in Barcelona. But buying a new car is not a realistic goal for everyone. It may also be that for a lower price than new price, a well maintained and can find new looking used car. Whether you are temporarily moved here, then the thought of buying a used car in Curacao very logical. For these people who for whatever reason have decided to buy a used car in Curacao, There is a wide range.

Everyday there are hundreds, cars for sale here on Curacao. But where?

There are three channels you can look for your used car:

1.At Named Official Car In The Latest Blog

From official car dealers sometimes also offer used cars for sale. At Hyundai of Ser'i Domi I know for example that they have to buy used cars stand next to the dealer for new cars. These cars are exchanged for example when buying new cars by Hyundai. You get even 3 month warranty on your used car. And I know 3 Not many months, but it is more than what you would get anywhere else.

Kia and Nissan dealer you can also buy used cars, by dealer(s) is offering used cars for sale somewhat smaller compared to the Hyundai dealership here in Curacao. Bee Autocity (Suzuki, Chevrolet, Honda and Isuzu dealer in Curacao) They regularly offer besides used cars also demo models. These are the models used for test drives.

The Volkswagen dealer on Jannoorduynweg also has a small selection of used Volkswagens. This also applies to the Mitsubishi dealer, it has used Mitsubishi's, Lifan etc. for sale. garage Cordia (Toyota dealer in Curacao) also sometimes stand to buy a car, but here it is a matter of luck. Not that the cars are flawed, but I have as far as I can remember, Never more than two used cars for sale simultaneously see their.

For the remaining dealers can not speak, because I have no experience with it. But here you can easily take contact them to ask for their second offer.

I must say that prices in the above car dealers, as you can imagine something higher than if you buy your car from a neighbor. Especially Mitsubishi I did ask high prices for older cars with high mileages.

2. Used Car Dealers

Buy used cars in Curacao, do you via auodealers. Used car dealers are everywhere in Curacao. Economic Center at Gosieweg / Kaya Andruw R.B. Jones Brievengat are examples of large used car dealers on Curacao.

3. individuals

This group is very diverse and can be reached in different ways.

On the street

It is you may have noticed that everywhere on Curacao roadside, cars with ot "For Sale" borden. These are cars that are put down by individuals at strategic points to sell. You see them mostly along the busy / major roads. Some examples include Road to West Point, Gosieweg, Schottegatweg North and Winston Churchill.

It would not say that somewhere all day must sit down to find the owners of these cars. In addition to a "For Sale 'sign, There is usually (if these people really want to lose their cars) a phone number. So you can easily make contact with the seller.

Through Online Marketplace

This is also an option. Many people use this option in combination with the above option (put along the road). Online search is one of the easiest ways to find your new second-hand. This is because everything centrally in one place is, So you do have to drive off the island.

Buy a used car on Curacao you do here Auto On Curacao (here So!), of I, do not buy. But you can orient well at least on the various possibilities.

I hope you now have an idea where you all can look for your next car.

Are you currently looking for a new car in Barcelona? Do you go for a used car, or for a new? Why your choice? Let us know below.


  1. Date: 6 december 2016 at 18:05
    Author: Sol Bowline

    Mi ta buskando un bon car prize pero si keda to mester after reasonable 7 No Kier thousand but my automatic and auto leuk chiki ku ta spend less gasoline isa way kumi tin ta ku Aktual high susuki 2014.


  2. Date: 12 januari 2017 at 12:03
    Author: Yvonne

    I ta te buskando a outo 6.500 fish 2010 i for mankement. ku ta Economics na gasoline i preferibel of Prome gift


  3. Date: 26 november 2017 at 03:56
    Author: Maarten Hoekstra


    The car salesman Julianadorp opposite the petrol station on the road to West Point a website where I can view the current stock cars ?

    with thanks!



  4. Date: 11 december 2017 at 15:13
    Author: Dirk Jansen

    You know also that I easily can sell a car?
    For onderelen or whatever, I must particularly Mazda 121 the years 90 lost!
    thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,
    Dirk Jansen


    • Date: 11 december 2017 at 19:27
      Author: Admin

      Best Dirk,

      You can place the car of course on our website. If you want to make more use of offline channels, you can try a junkyard.



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